Monthly Plans:

  • Pricing:
    • Starts at 30.00 per hour before discounts for number of hours purchased per month (can go as low as $20.00 per hour)
      • Additional hours purchasable at the same per hour if needed.
      • Bonus hours earned with monthly payment plans

Virtual Assistant Services

Our Virtual Assistant Services provide you access to all services available through the website as well as anything else that you might come up needing with a dedicated assistant that you get to know and in return gets to know your preferences and needs. We pride ourselves on being able to answer your questions before you need to ask once we get to know you and your desires.

  • You can choose the package or plan that best suits your needs and budget.
    • Packages provide unlimited hours and special additional benefits at a set price, plans provide lower cost wide ranging budget services.
  • You can change payment plans at any cycle end
    • New payment plans will be based on the current rate at the time of change
    • You will be able to maintain the same assistant
  • Payment is required at the beginning of each cycle and/or additional hour(s) purchase

​A-la-Carte Services:

Our main clientele uses us for consistent long standing service. However, we can help you with individual one time tasks.

Platinum Packages:

  • Available for clients with a specific need set
    • We only work with a select number of clients for each type.
      • Ensures our clients receive the highest quality service
    • We have a built-in system of backup service providers
      • Your service needs are taken care of seamlessly regardless of illness or emergency
    • We offer services in packages of bundled tasks.
      • You know how much to pay in advance and create a unique service specialized for you
    • Unlimited hours
      • Our service providers focus on quality, not the number of hours used
    • Specialized providers provide specialized work
    • One package price for all services

Platinum Package Benefits:

  • Direct contact via cell phone to service provider (or managing service provider if bundling multiple services) during business hours
  • Seamless service without delays with backup assistants
  • 1-hour confirmation windows during business hours (within the 1st hour of the morning of next business day if after hours)
  • Online task management updates
  • Send tasks via email, the app (coming soon), text, phone, google drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Skype.
  • Weekly or monthly (your choice) status reports
  • Priority turn around time (usually 24 hours depending on size and complexity of the task)
  • Prepayment discounts:
    • Yearly = 25%
    • Semiannual = 10%
  • Prices quoted cumulate based on the number of individual services requested.
  • Additional services can be covered with new package purchase add-on or at the current Variable Plan rate for one time needs.

Some general points about all available  packages and plans:

  • Renewals happen at the same time at the cycle end​
    • If on a monthly plan and you sign up on the 23rd, renewal will happen on the 23rd of every month.  If on a yearly plan and you sign up on February 8th, renewal will happen on February 8th every year
  • Invoices are sent out at least 7 days prior to due date except for yearly plans which are sent at least 30 days before due date
  • You can have us work for other team / office members, but you are responsible for all time used.
  • If you put your account on hold your spot on the assistant’s books may be lost. 
    • We will do our best to get you with the same assistant on your return, but if you are away for an extended time and there is no room, you will be assigned to a new assistant.​

Service Packages Pricing:

  • All prices quoted are considered monthly payments before prepayment discounts
  • Data Entry
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1,560.00
  • Collections
    • Value = $9,600.00 Price = $4,800.00
  • Crowdfunding
    • Value = $4,800.00 Price = $2,400.00
  • Event Planning
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1560.00
  • Project Management
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1560.00
  • Office Management
    • Value = $1,920.00 Price = $960.00
  • Research
    • Value = $1,600.00 Price = $800.00
  • Graphics / Graphic Design
    • Value = $4,800.00 Price = $2,400.00
  • Blogging / Ghost Writing
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1,560.00
  • Social Media Management
    • Value = $4,800.00 Price = $2,400.00
  • IT Support
    • Value = $9,600.00 Price = $4,800.00
  • Wordpress Design and Management
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1560.00
  • Marketing / Landing Pages
    • Value = $3,120.00 Price = $1560.00
  • Calendar / Appointment Management
    • Value = $1,920.00 Price = $960.00
  • Email Management
    • Value = $1,920.00 Price = $960.00

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Variable Plans:

Variable plans are available at a rate of $30.00 per hour. You can allocate the amount of time to each task that you submit. We will work the allotted time, and return to you the results and you can choose to assign more time to the task or take it as complete.

  • 1-hour minimum per task
  • Increments of 1-hour minimum allowed
  • No rollover of unused time allowed
  • No bonus hours awarded

Yearly Plans:

  • Hourly rate is $16.00 per hour
  • You choose the number of hours allotted each month at the beginning of the plan
  • Your rate is calculated with all discounts possible
  • Invoice will be generated at 12x monthly cost.
  • With the allotted monthly hours you have access to rollover of unused hours
  • After payment everything runs like a monthly account without the need for a monthly payment
  • 20 monthly minimum hours
    • Additional hours purchased at the deeply discounted rate of $16.00 per hour.
    • If you miss a payment you will not lose roll over hours, but they cannot be used until a payment plan is selected and payment made.