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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put a little notice out and say I am working on a series of coloring books, and you can support it directly via my SubscribeStar page.

These coloring books have some videos about them to share what the plans are. I also have a few videos about the project and there are a few public posts to give more information.

Supporting this project will help provide high quality coloring books to children and adults in situations that are in need (hospitals, foster programs, therapy programs, etc.)

I am also working on a graphic novel/comic book. This is fueling the coloring books and vice versa, but there will be a little cross over sometimes.

As a little snippet (because I know that anytime people might be giving money there is question about what is being offered in return) I am going to share a few images toward the coloring books.

Bird watcher's backyard basics

These images are drawn by hand and then digitized with Photoshop CC to create 8x10 300 dpi. They are printable on any material you desire and have the ability to print on.

The coloring books have unlimited print rights for personal or internal agency use.

You can see each of the drawings as (approximately) weekly updates via the subscribestar page as a subscriber, and monthly updates (approximately) on the YouTube channel.

Wonkee Donkee really wants to fly like a Pegasus!

Some of the images boast original characters of mine such as this cutie of "Wonkee Donkee" who is one of the mascots for my streaming (to be coming soon.)

There is a wide range of imagry from fantasy, architecture, abstract, figurative/fashion, cute, phrases, and so much more to choose from.

Each coloring book at minimum will boast 100 image ideas (core designs) which are then produced in a wide variety of ways and difficulties (24 in total) bringing you a massive collection of images (2400!) in a single digital coloring book.

Roman Architecture

I am really trying to cover as many bases as I can allowing people to have something they like in such a huge collection.

I'm open to suggestion, so go ahead and sign up for the blog subscription and tell me what it is you would like to find in a coloring book?

If you want more information about this, or anything else I am working on, you can find me on the following platforms at this time:





(this is part of Interlocked Solutions)

Until next time - take care of yourselves and each other!